Author: Bryan Meadan

The Attack on the Attackers of Beef

Recently there have been numerous articles and speeches attacking the beef industry for their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.  Many of these attacks call for the planet to go vegan, or at least vegetarian, and site the livestock industry as a major cause for climate change. 

The Value of a Sustainable Community

When a group of people find themselves living in the same area or neighbourhood they begin a social dance that brings them in and out of contact with each other.  This contact can provide friendships, connections, cooperative ventures, joint-projects, meaningful relationships and more. Within this dance is the underlying understanding that we are living together, therefore, we need to find our common ground and build upon it.

Think Globally. Act Locally.

Think Globally. Act Locally. Remember that one?  It’s been around. Its history as an environmental rally call is debated.  The original phrase has been attributed to the Scotsman, social activist Patrick Geddes who used it in relation to town planning at the beginning of the 20th century.