Climate Crisis Lectures

Climate Crisis Lectures

Our climate change lectures will introduce participants to the dire situation that we are in and how we can all help avert disaster.

Our planet is warming because gases that we release by the burning of coal, natural gas, oil and wood traps heat in the atmosphere.  This is changing the climate. Climate isn’t weather— weather changes daily, and climate is the average pattern of weather conditions over a long period of time. The amount of carbon dioxide one human releases into the environment in a year is called a carbon footprint.  By using things, we contribute to the burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas, which come from the breakdown of ancient plants and animals over millions of years. We need to stop, or at least slow that down. But this isn’t only our personal responsibility. We need to hold the people responsible for the climate crisis responsible and demand from our representatives to take action now.

Worth your time

The one and half hour lecture will cover the topics of defining climate change, understanding what is happening now and how it is affecting our lives.

We will see what new technologies are being developed to mitigate climate change, what we can do as individuals and where we need to adapt to the changes that are coming. 

We will understand that this is a socio-economic issue, not just an environmental one.

Overall, we will emphasize the fact that there is still hope.

Lecture topics will include:

The climate crisis as a socio-economic crisis, as well as an environmental one.

What is happening now and how it affects us today.

How blaming us and calling for “personal responsibility” can be deceiving and can exacerbate the problem.

We will examine our courses of action and how we can make a true difference.

What is the Green New Deal for Israel?

הרצאה: משבר האקלים
כמשבר חברתי, כלכלי, סביבתי

    ההרצאה תעסוק בנושאים:
  • משבר האקלים: לא רק משבר סביבתי אלא משבר חברתי וכלכלי.
  • מה קורה בעולם וכיצד זה משפיע על חיינו עכשיו?
  • השפעות המשבר על שריפות, סופות, המזון, מחלות, משבר המים….
  • אחריות אישית כהטעיה ומי באמת אחראי.
  • מה אנו צריכים לעשות עכשיו?
  • מה זה הגרין ניו דיל לישראל?

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