About TerraEm

 Terraem was founded to assist in the ongoing and critical work needed to be done to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.  

Terraem, Inc. is registered as a non-profit organization in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3).

Who Are We?

​Bryan Meadan

Bryan holds a Masters degree in Sociology and worked for 20 years in informal education, founding and running the Collective Centre for Education and Counseling until the Internet came along and side-tracked him. He then became a web programmer, specialising in the Drupal content Management system, started two start-ups, including a crowdsourcing platform, until getting tired of sitting in front of the computer. Bryan is the founder and CEO of Meadan Craft Brewing — Israel’s first Gluten-free beers. Bryan’s passion has always been education and social action, and TerraEm is his return to what is really important. His varied background is an asset to help understand the complexity of the climate change problem.

​Jill Suskind

Jill’s background as a retired 30-year veteran public school teacher, entrepreneur, and grant writer ensure that TerraEm will be structured in a way to attract crowds. Her skills include business development and management, curriculum design, marketing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and fundraising from local sources to foundations. She believes that the success of any mission depends on the size and quality of the teams of folks committed to and skilled in realizing its mission. As a product of the youth movement mentality, Jill brings a spirit of Anything is Possible with enough great people engaged in collaborative, coordinated, focused, fun, and meaningful action. ​

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