Terraem, Inc.

Overcoming Human Hesitation

We at TerraEm want to solve the climate crisis.  In order to do that we need to overcome the first obstacle to action: Human desire.  If we as a species don’t want change, there will be no change and we’re doomed.  We need to educate and change attitudes.  

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Our Mission

TerraEm, Inc., fuels the global movement of climate activists with education, lectures, and consulting. Our goal is to assist climate activists and create an army of leaders who will design and implement meaningful game-changing solutions. Our consulting program provides critical information for climate action at the industrial, non-profit and public levels, promoting innovations, research, and initiatives to help organizations with steps to mitigate climate change. Our effective lectures for all age groups provide important information to take each individual to the next level of climate awareness and action. 

We can help your organization with fundraising ideas, website building, social media consulting and more. 

How we can help

Climate Action Consulting

Organizations, municipalities, social action groups: Make smart and effective climate aware decisions and programs.

Climate Action Education

Educational programs for climate change awareness. Community projects for all ages and organizations.

Climate Lectures and Meetups

Explaining climate change to all ages. Discussing at Meetups – There is still hope.

There are two paths to our future.

We need to choose the right path to our future

Join us in helping to mitigate the climate crisis and adapt to the world that will change lifestyles in the near future.

See some of our ideas here 

Additional Sources for Climate change Awareness and Action

Click here for a few small things that you can do to help.

Listen to Bryan Meadan interviewed on Israel Kan Radio about launching the Green New Deal for Israel

Join Terraem! We Need You!

    Time Left to Reduce Global Carbon Emissions by 50%!