TerraEm Project Concepts

TerraEm Project Concepts

Here are some of the ideas our activists have devised.  Some are being developed, others are still just concepts. 

Connection Ideas

  • Connect the Israeli technology with clients around the world.
  • New concepts in Sea Farming.  Bring these ideas to the African west coast.
  • Call on many more in the financial industry to join the 31 banks in the collective commitment to climate action.

Educational Ideas

  • School /kindergarten curriculum
  • Start a youth movement 

Awareness ideas

  • Company awareness program. Promote ride-sharing, solar panels, reduction in meat consumption, reduction in plastic use.
  • Nudge Squad:  Create an army of activists, whose main goal is to nudge people to act on climate change.
  • Create a model of how your state or country might be changed as a result of climate changes brought on by global warming.
  • Take surveys to increase chatter on the subject of climate change.
  • Create a food web – show how global climate changes affect the food chain/ecosystems.
  • Meat-free Monday
  • Plastic-free Friday
  • Public trans Tuesday
  • Take It to the Next Level Program: Bring each individual one level higher in the climate action awareness scale.

Technical Solutions

  • Modular solar panels: each panel is one long piece made of 4 parts: Aluminum frame + glass covering, sensor sheet, electronics. Each can be removed individually, and the frame is permanent. When the sensors expire, just swap them out.
  • Electric generator for fermentation tank pressure release.
  • Gravity generator
  • Methane collector above cowsheds.
  • Floating solar plants
  • Tidal dynamo – long tubes of turbines turning in both directions
  • Quarry or mine shafts to suck co2: Fill shaft will co2 filtered air. Plant plants to suck co2